Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Magnificent Seven: The Ribeira Sacra Producers of The Spanish Artisan Wine Group

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Jorge Carneros and Emmanuel Dupuy D'Angeac tasting Viña Cazoga in the winery in Ribeira Sacra. Carnero means ram, so a ram's head is on the label of  Jorge's wines.  He has a bed stashed in a big barrel that was formerly used to make Viña Cazoga.   Jorge sometimes sleeps in the barrel during the harvest. Photo by Gerry Dawes©2011 /

Recently someone asked “Which Ribeira Sacra wine is The Spanish Artisan Wine Group bringing into the U.S.?

We will be not be bringing in just one winery from La Ribeira Sacra, but SEVEN (and possibly eight) bodegas! We love La Ribeira Sacra and its small artisan producers.  We believe it is somewhat like Burgundy's mix of small estate producers and somewhat akin to the Loire Valley as well, but the grapesare not Chardonnay or Pinot Noir as in the case of Burgundy,  but the native red Mencía grape is very reminiscent of the Loire's Cabernet Franc.  And Godello? Well, many of the best Godellos can take on the majority of Chardonnays out there these days.

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