Friday, December 9, 2011

Comments of The Spanish Artisan Wine Group's Gerry Dawes from the Blogger the (z) infidel

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Aged Traditional Rioja: A Journey Into the Past & the Rioja Traditional/Modern Divide

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". . .Rioja has been a hot button location in the wine world, where the divide between traditionally made wines and modern styled wines has been widely debated.  I don’t pull any punches with where my heart lies.  It’s with traditional Rioja and it always will be.  And I am not alone.  In fact, I have come across a couple great stories concerning traditional Rioja lately.  The first is a great interview with Gerry Dawes by my friend Tom at Inside RiojaGerry Dawes is a no B.S. kind of guy, and his interview is a great read.  This is a guy who is been in the wine business for many years and has dealt in some of the world’s greatest wines and he rates López de Heredia 1947 Viña Bosconia as the greatest wine he has ever tasted!. . ."

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