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Lagar de Broullón Albariño, Meaño (Pontevedra), Rías Baixas. Bodeguero Artesano José Pintos Pintos

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"Lagar de Broullon Albariño.  An albariño to banish all memory of those banal examples of the wine that now flood U.S. wine shop shelves — bright and well-rounded, with juicy fruit and a long, complex finish." - - Colman Andrews, The Daily Meal.

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Video:  Lagar de Broullón is an artisanal winery located in Galicia, Spain. 
Jose Pintos and his 91-year old father grow Albariño grapes and make their signature wine Lagar de Broullón.


Lagar de Broullon Albariño 2013 12.5% 12/750ML $27.99

Lagar de Broullón is made by José Pintos. Beautifully balanced, Pintos's wine is full-flavored and quite complex with lychee and green apple flavors braced by a long, clean, mineral-laced finish, but has just 12.5% alcohol, which helps make it very easy to drink.   It is ideal with many different dishes, but especially with grilled fish, shellfish (for which Galicia is famous), octopus, rice dishes and cheeses. 

José Pintos, artisan grower-winemaker of Lagar de Broullón, sings during a lunch break at the Festa del Encontro do Viño de Autor at Meaño (Pontevedra).

Located in the heart of the Val de Salnés, in an area known as the home of Albariño grape, Lagar de Broullón bodega is surrounded by its 4.5 acres of south-southwest facing vineyards that produce its signature wine.  Akin to wineries in Burgundy, the bodega is a 19th Century house, where several generations of the Pintos family, including his 91-year old father José Pintos, have made wine with intelligence and care and have developed a family tradition for authentic artisan wines on a small scale. 

Only about 600 cases of fine Albariño are made each year and only 100 of those will reach the U.S. market.  Lagar de Broullón’s dedication to quality focuses on the vineyard and the grapes, which José Pintos believes is the most important element in wine.  Although the winery has modern vinification system, Pintos tries to make his wines with as little intervention as possible.  He believes that his signature wine is steeped in tradition and through meticulous vineyard work, he tries to achieve the highest quality in his wine. 
We believe that Pintos has achieved his goal.  His Lagar de Broullón is one of the finest wines in our portfolio.
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