Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Docsconz on the Wines of The Spanish Artisan Wine & Spirits Group - Gerry Dawes Selections

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"Robert Parker’s opinion has held sway in the wine world for a long time, first coming to prominence with his pronouncements on Bordeaux’s famed 1982 vintage. His palate is attuned to “big” wines. Full throttled oaky monsters and high octane “fruit bombs” have tended to rule his influential roost since that time. . .

Gerry Dawes

. . . One person who has been at the vanguard of those battling Parker’s extensive homogenizing influence has been the noted American food and wine writer, my friend, Gerry Dawes.  Gerry’s wine background is extensive, with plenty of experience visiting, drinking and writing about the wines of France and elsewhere. His main passion, however, dating back to the 1960’s has been the wine, food and people of Spain – a passion that he and I share, though his experience far outweighs my own."

"Who ever heard of tasting a bunch of reds before the main white wines? Well, thanks to Gerry Dawes, that is what we did and somehow, it worked out just fine."

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